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The right base

With your theoretical knowledge you can dream the meaning of road signs. You know when you have priority or must give priority and you know the safety requirements of the car, the driver and the passengers. Tip: the sooner you pass your theory, the smoother the practical training will go. If you do not have a theory certificate, you are not allowed to take an interim test or a driving test.

Rob Vrancken

“Your driving lessons are your party. Autorijschool Vrancken is all about you!” Together we ensure that you always get out with a smile!

Prepare well

Preparing yourself for the theory exam is fun and educational with Theory Online from THEORIE TOPPERS. This proven online course includes a complete theory training. You enrich your knowledge with a digital theory book, including traffic sign appendix. You watch films about hazard perception. And you test your knowledge with partial tests and no fewer than 50 theory practice exams. Of course you will also see instructional films for the practical lessons.

Following a theory course on location

Do you like to receive an explanation of the theory? And would you like to practice the exam questions? Then sign up for a theory course on location with Ed-ucation. You can easily plan your theory course via


Practiced enough?

Have you practiced enough and are you well prepared for the exam? Then you can schedule your theory exam yourself. Whether you have learned online, through the course (on location) or simply at home, you can schedule your theory exam yourself.