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Meet your classroom

It is not that easy to get your driver’s license. Nevertheless, we are convinced that you will succeed. It will not go without a struggle, but thanks to our 30 years of expertise as driving instructors, we prepare you thoroughly for your driving test, but also for driving the rest of your life safely.

Of course, it applies; The more lessons you need, the more expensive your driver training is. The quality of the lessons at Autorijschool Vrancken is therefore of paramount importance. Hundreds of students took advantage of this. Feel free to come and see if we match.

Who are we?










“Experience shows that a relaxed atmosphere in the car improves and leads to faster results. ”

Our cars

Comfortable driving is an important condition for feeling comfortable during the driving lessons of Rob and Björn. The 2 cars that Autorijschool Vrancken has, meet that important guideline: a Ford Focus. Naturally, the cars are well maintained, washed and vacuumed. In the winter months we put winter tires under the cars. This means that you can also safely prepare yourself for your driving exam under winter conditions.

Driving confidently is for life

As a student you are naturally focused on your driving license. Obviously you want to have the “pink card” in your pocket as soon as possible. Autorijschool Vrancken is happy to assist you with advice and help. Patience is a virtue in traffic. In a teaching car we can intervene immediately if a dangerous situation arises. If you are alone behind the wheel, that is no longer possible. That is why we teach you the right mentality in addition to traffic insight. This way you can rely on yourself better in busy traffic.


  • Trail lesson
  • Meet the car
  • Meet your instructor
  • Indication how many lessons you need
  • 1 hour of driving and 30 minutes of (practical) explanation
  • Ask for the terms
  • Plan a trail lesson
  • RIS-Starter package
  • 1850
  • Starter package incl. exam and mid-term test)
  • 22 lessons (50 min)
  • Classical theory course (+ €90)
  • Online theory course (Dutch)

An impression of a trail lesson