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Driving lessons can also be fun

Autorijschool Vrancken is all about you. We make driving lessons fun and educational. You learn not only for your exam, but for your whole life. You will soon discover that taking a lesson is not effort, but relaxation. We’ve been on the road for over 15 years and we our proud of the quality and ratings (9 + / 10) we’ve built. Do you want to see if Autorijschool Vrancken is a match? Request a trial lesson now.

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What do we have to offer?


Because the theoretical knowledge is a good foundation for the rest of your driving training.

Driving lessons step by step

Follow our proven methodes of driving lessons step by step!

Plan a trail lesson

See if you match with your driving instructor and experience driving a car for the first time.

Personal attention

Autorijschool Vrancken is all about you. We’d love to get to know you better.

Who are we?










“Your driving lesson. Your party! Driving school Vrancken is all about you!” Together we ensure that you get in the car with a smile again and again!

Getting your driver’s license? This is the way!

A trial lesson is always the first step. If we match, we will get started with driving lessons and your theory. We do this in four steps to ensure that you are well prepared for your exam. This is what we are going to do:

Vehicle operation and control

With this first module you will learn all the basic operation necessary to drive safely and comfortably. You learn to combine accelerator, steering, shifting gears, braking and using the clutch, so that you have a good foundation for a comfortable, smooth and safe driving style. You do not yet need a good knowledge of the traffic rules because your instructor will, except for the vehicle controls, take care of that part.

Special manoeuvre’s and simple traffic situations

In this module, the focus is on traffic participation. You learn to estimate and execute simple situations. You will also learn the characteristics of the different intersections and how you can recognise these intersections. From module 2 you learn to apply traffic-theory in practice. You will also learn how to use special manoeuvre’s to safely perform such, for example: parking and turning around.

Complex vehicle operation and control of complex traffic situations

Complex traffic situations are discussed during these modules. You learn to assess situations quickly, to predict the behavior of other road users and to adjust your actions accordingly. Knowledge of the traffic rules, good vehicle control and decisiveness alone is therefore insufficient. You also have to be able to predict the behavior of other road users and act accordingly. Special attention is paid to complex intersections and situations.

Interim test

After module 3 you will do the interim test at the CBR. At that moment, we look at how independent you already are and what subjects you may need help with. This way we are well prepared for the last phase of your driving license. You can obtain exemptions during the interim test. If you do the special manoeuvre’s well, you will receive an exemption for this in the first exam. This means that you do not have to do it on the exam.


Safe and responsible traffic participation, traffic insight and attitude

You have now learned all knowledge and skills and can apply them in your immediate environment. In this module you learn to deal with all situations. You learn how to recognize them and apply the right scripts. You can say that your driving skills will be polished after the module. This is achieved by making long journeys that you prepare yourself.

The driving test and getting on the road yourself

After module 4 we can’t do anything for you anymore, you are on your own and you can stand on your own two feet. You will show this during the driving test. You will be instructed by an examiner to drive you and show all the skills you learned. We recommend that you drive as much as possible after getting your driving license and get the experience!